Tracking Steorn's Orbo


Over the years there have been a number of videos made by Steorn and about them. Some have disappeared from the web unfortunately, but there are still some which remain and here are some selections.

The ‘K-Toy’. This video was posted onlineĀ in 2007. Dutch engineer Thieu Knapen, CEO of a company called Kinetron was an early outside tester of Steorn’s technology. In this video he talks about some experimenting he did on a device employing principles of Orbo technology.

Sky News on Steorn. This is news feature from 2006 from Sky News in the UK. It was broadcast shortly after Steorn published their ad in the Economist challenging scientists to join a jury to test their claims. Here Shaun McCarthy talks about the basic concepts behindĀ Orbo.

Shaun McCarthy Interview on Fox NewsSteorn CEO is interviewed in the summer of 2006 by Neil Cavuto of Fox News following the publication of the Steorn advertisement in the Economist magazine.

O-Cube Prototype Field Test This short video from the summer of 2015 was taken at Slattery’s pub in Dublin where Steorn deployed a prototype of the O-Cube for some field testing. Here Shaun McCarthy is showing a member of Slattery’s staff how it charges (very simply with a USB cord)

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