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Steorn Launches Two Orbo Products at Webinar: O-Cube and Ophone (Never Need Charging)

At the second Orbo webinar yesterday, Irish company Steorn announced that two Orbo products are now available for order.

The first is the O-Cube which was mentioned at the first webinar in October. This is a USB charger for mobile electronic devices which, according to the company, never needs to be plugged in. It is reportedly capable of providing one full mobile tablet charge per day, and between two and three smartphone charges per day. The O-Cube costs 1200 euros plus shipping, and will be shipped within 6 weeks.

The second product is the Ophone, which is described as a ‘retro’ (or dumb phone) which Steorn says never needs to be charged. Shaun McCarthy described it as a GSM, GPRS, EDGE phone — basically a 2G phone. The Ophone costs 480 euros plus shipping, and is now available for pre-order, with shipping in the first quarter of 2016

Both phones can be ordered by sending an email to

Steorn announced two products in the ‘pipeline’: an e-cigarette and a game controller.

The full video of the webinar, which includes some testing of orbo powerpack material can be seen below (via the Orbo Facebook page)




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