Tracking Steorn's Orbo

New Orbo Promo Video — “The Battery is Dead” — on the Streets of Dublin

Steorn is building up to their next webinar on December 2nd with a new video they have shot on the streets of Dublin. A key player in their promotion of the Orbo O-Cube is Rachel Wallace, aka “Ogirl” who appeared in the first webinar handing Shaun McCarthy a pint of Guinness. I this video, Ogirl is getting people in Dublin to simply recite the Orbo slogan: “The Battery is Dead” in various languages. I’m not sure if they even know what they are saying relates to Orbo.

Still, the video is racking up views on Facebook — almost 200,000 to date. Maybe this will mean more people will tune in on Dec 2nd to see the first testimonials of people who will have been using the O-Cube for over a month.

Meanwhile, Steorn CEO Shaun McCarthy revealed on Facebook his new Orbo tattoo on his left hand:


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