Tracking Steorn's Orbo

Steorn Holds First Orbo O-Cube Webinar

In Dublin yesterday, Steorn held the first webinar to promote their first product: the Orbo O-Cube. The webinar lasted about 20 minutes in which CEO Shaun McCarthy and finance office Pat Corbett gave some details about the product.

McCarthy stated that the O-Cube is made up of three main components: a USB PCB (standard on most chargers), a lithium-ion battery, and an Orbo powerpack — all enclosed inside a case. He said that the Orbo powerpack continuously charges the battery, which discharges power to charge a mobile device like a tablet or phone.  The unique claim is that the O-Cube never needs to be plugged in to charge; Steorn claims that Orbo technology is capable of somehow producing free energy.

The webinar can be viewed here:

Following the webinar, an Irish company that manufactures liquids used in e-cigarettes issued a press release announcing that they were working with Steorn to incorporate Orbo technology into e-cigarettes. The press release can be read here.


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