Tracking Steorn's Orbo

One Week Until Steorn’s Orbo O-Cube Webinar — “The Battery is Dead”?




One week from today Irish company Steorn will host a webinar to introduce their new Orbo-powered O-Cube USB charger to the public. It could turn out that this will be the start of something very important in terms of energy production technology. The webinar will be at 7:00 p.m. GMT on October 28th; people can register to attend here.

If Steorn is to be believed, the O-Cube or powercube, is a device that will charge mobile devices continuously without ever having to be plugged in. Steorn has said that Orbo is an overunity technology that is able to exploit magnetic interactions to produce clean, free and constant energy.

If the device works as described it will be something that has never been seen before. People who own this charger could carry with them a charger that will always be available to charge their mobile devices — no more hunting for an electric outlet when your phone is running low on juice.

We will have to wait and see of course if the device works as advertised. Word is that Steorn hopes to have these devices on the market before Christmas — no idea of price yet. It will be interesting to see what is presented at the webinar, and we’ll report everything here.

The webinar has been announced on the Orbo Facebook Page, which will be the sole online outlet for information about Orbo technology.

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