Tracking Steorn's Orbo

Steorn’s Stunning Orbo Claims: Neverending Electricity Produced at Point-of-use

As we wait for the upcoming Orbo webinar on December 2, I think the promise of this technology bears thinking about. If Orbo turns out to do what Steorn claims it does, the technology is simply stunning. What CEO Shaun McCarthy talks about in this video — a webinar for Steorn investors that was somehowContinue Reading

New Orbo Promo Video — “The Battery is Dead” — on the Streets of Dublin

Steorn is building up to their next webinar on December 2nd with a new video they have shot on the streets of Dublin. A key player in their promotion of the Orbo O-Cube is Rachel Wallace, aka “Ogirl” who appeared in the first webinar handing Shaun McCarthy a pint of Guinness. I this video, OgirlContinue Reading

New O-Cube Webinar Scheduled for December 2nd

An announcement on the Orbo Facebook page today says that a second webinar featuring Steorn’s Orbo device, the O-Cube will be held on Wednesday December 2nd at 7:00 p.m. GMT. The purpose of the webinar is to provide user testimonials and to give details about how to purchase the O-Cube.¬†At the previous webinar, Steorn announcedContinue Reading