Tracking Steorn's Orbo

Steorn Launches Two Orbo Products at Webinar: O-Cube and Ophone (Never Need Charging)

At the second Orbo webinar yesterday, Irish company Steorn announced that two Orbo products are now available for order. The first is the O-Cube which was mentioned at the first webinar in October. This is a USB charger for mobile electronic devices which, according to the company, never needs to be plugged in. It isContinue Reading

Steorn to Launch Orbo Products Tomorrow, December 2 2015

Today, Steorn CEO Shaun McCarthy posted this announcement on his Facebook Page: Tomorrow, fifteen years after starting our little company Steorn, we finally launch our first two Orbo based products. It’s been a journey for sure, we have had the shit kicked out of us on the road, but we always kept going, we alwaysContinue Reading

Steorn’s Stunning Orbo Claims: Neverending Electricity Produced at Point-of-use

As we wait for the upcoming Orbo webinar on December 2, I think the promise of this technology bears thinking about. If Orbo turns out to do what Steorn claims it does, the technology is simply stunning. What CEO Shaun McCarthy talks about in this video — a webinar for Steorn investors that was somehowContinue Reading