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Steorn Announces Webinar to Demo “Never Die” O-Cube Orbo Battery

A very interesting announcement was recently made on the website, about a series of webinars that will be hosted by Dublin-based company Steorn, who hit the headlines back in 2006 announcing that they had discovered a new way to create free energy from magnetic interactions — a technology they have named Orbo.

The first webinar will be held on October 28th, at 7:00 p.m. GMT, and according to the announcement on, at this meeting Steorn will introduce what has being described as a Powercube, but is now apparently officially named the “O-Cube” (see below), explaining that in the webinar “Steorn CEO Shaun McCarthy will talk about Orbo, demo the Powercube technology, answer questions and you will get a first look at the Orbo Powercube. The various components of the Powercube will be shown and how they work together will be explained.”

Shaun McCarthy has said in interviews has described this O-Cube as a “never-die battery” — a battery that recharges itself after it has been fully discharged. It sounds impossible — but according to McCarthy it actually works. There was some brief field testing of a prototype of the O-Cube that took place earlier this year in Slattery’s pub in Dublin that was reported on Facebook, and the person who tested it said he was able to charge a number of mobile devices over a period of days without ever having the Orbo charger going flat.

Here’s a photo the device from Shaun McCarthy’s Facebook profile.

Steorn’s had its ups and downs over the years. They started out with a goal to challenge science to get attention, but had some public relations disasters, with a failed demo in 2007, and a jury of scientists giving their technology a vote of no confidence in 2009. So they have to do something special to win back the confidence of the public. They have been out of the spotlight in recent years, but it looks possible that these webinars could signal that they are back on track with their goal of providing the world with an energy technology that most people consider impossible.

To sign up to participate in the first webinar you need to register here.

There’s a Facebook page named simply Orbo which has also announced the Webinar, along with another photo of the Orbo device:


Steorn’s web domain,, now redirects to the Orbo Facebook page mentioned above. The description of the page explains the page’s purpose. Here’s the current page info on the page.


“Orbo User Page — A place to hear about Orbo from the guys who made it and for Orbo users to share their experiences”

It seems we now have an official name: the “O-Cube” ; (reminds me of i-things :))

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